Author Title of presentation View of presentation
Andrea Baldassarri Average avalanche shape as a probe of non-equilibrium systems: hopes and pitfalls
Attia Batool Failure avalanches of the fiber bundle model on complex networks
Attila Gergely Avalanche-size statistics in a Burridge-Knopoff type spring-block model
Blai Casals Avalanche criticality during ferroic switching
Daniel Korchinski Criticality in neuronal avalanches without timescale separation
Daniel Korchinski Avalanche phase diagram for thermally activated yielding in amorphous solids
David Kurunczi-Papp Dislocation avalanches from strain rate controlled loading: a discrete dislocation dynamics study
Dezső L. Beke Denouement of the energy-amplitude and size-amplitude enigma for acoustic emission avalanches
Doron Shilo Investigation of avalanche phenomena by simultaneous measurements of different variables
Eduard Vives Avalanche dynamics in materials for elastocaloric cooling
Emil Bronstein Tracking twin boundary jerky motion at nanometer and microsecond scales
Géza Ódor Non-universal avalanches and burstiness in brain network models
Guillaume Nataf Avalanches in ferroelectric and ferroelastic materials
Jordi Baró The role of structural heterogeneity in avalanche statistics: Deformability bridges universality classes in numerical granular assemblies under deviatoric loading
Kay J. Wiese What is the correct theory for avalanches
Kristián Máthis New insights into the spatiotemporal structure of plastic flow by combination of modeling and in-situ experimental techniques
Lasse Laurson Depinning transition and Barkhausen avalanches of thin film domain walls with internal degrees of freedom
László Z. Tóth Scaling of average avalanche shapes for acoustic emission during jerky twin boundary motion in single-crystalline Ni2MnGa
Marcin Mińkowski Strain-rate-dependent predictability of discrete dislocation plasticity
Mikko Alava Avalanches in dislocation plasticity
Nirvana Caballero From bulk descriptions to emergent interfaces
Osvanny Ramos The LabQuakes project: from a granular fault to earthquake statistics
Tero Mäkinen Avalanches in fatigue and crossover from creep to fatigue
Zsuzsa Danku Breaking avalanches in the limit of high disorder of the fiber bundle model